$20 Starbucks Gift Card for $10

sbThe school year has officially began so that also means a new open season of coffee drinking and meeting.  I just bought a $20 Starbucks gift card for half the cost at $10.

This extra goodness basically means an extra Caramel Frappuccino right before an IEP meeting or a surprise drink for someone else.  I usually like to pay for the drink of the person behind my car since it means I can provide  good karma and contribute to the idea that karma is not always a bitch.

I received an email and it linked said to go here: Starbucks link and be on your way to drinking a little more happiness.

You must have Visa checkout in order to get the deal.  If you are not already a member like I am, you should sign up because they offer a secure way to shop online without giving vendors your Visa card number.  There are also other nifty deals offered at different times throughout the year as well that’s just as good as this Starbuck’s coffee lover’s dream.


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