Easy Rice Sensory Bin

Move over fidget spinner.  It’s time for a quick DIY sensory bin that has passed the test of time.  It’s time for a quick and easy rice sensory bin.  I spent some time with hubby and my son making 30 bins, one for each classroom.  We used 50 lbs of rice which I bought from the Asian store.  I highly recommend that if you are doing class sets, get at least another 50 lb bag.

  1. Throw rice into a bin.  The bin will need a secure cover for when you are done playing.  I LOVE these cheap less than $2 bins I got from my local Walmart.


2. Add some optional color such as a beads.  Varying sizes will make great textures.  I got a large bin of these for a few days from the thrift store.


3. Play!  Xhaun is an expert at playing with a rice bin within seconds.



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