How to By-Pass Amazon Prime Day Website Glitches’s exciting that Amazon Prime Day has started.  But according to many users and,  those who are wanting to spend some money on Amazon are suffering from the website being down.  I attempted to look up deals through the site and to my dismay, TechCrunch article, is correct, lots of  glitches in which you will get a pic as shown below.

Prime dog

While it’s cute that every time you try to reload the page, a different dog pops up.  It’s not so cute when you need to catch those fleeting Amazon Prime deals.

But the good news is most likely this will get fixed.  And if you can’t, you can by=pass all the glitches by using  The plus side is you can quickly pick a global nonprofit organization to support with your shopping.  You can also choose a local organization to help as well.

Amazon Prime Day Smile

According to  it looks like they have supported charities with over $89 billion dollars!  When you are checking out, don’t forget that if you are not in a hurry to receive your items, you can save $1 on select digital items for your willingness to wait.

Amazon Prime Day $1

I just tried and when comparing it to the  basic site.  It definitely glitched less.

Another great site to check and see some hot deals is  A recent find for example include the 8 video Harry Potter movie collection for only $79.00.  That’s a $20 savings.

I hope you find your amazing prime deals.  Comment below if you found this worked for you as well.

This article may be updated through Amazon Prime Day.

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