Hi, this is Yang.  I am married to Shawn and we have a mighty-handsome toddler, Xhaun.  This started out as my blog but it’s now family-owned.  We love to laugh a lot and just have fun.   We live in the beautiful state of California and if you haven’t been here, you should come and visit.  We have strange weathers and climate lately.  Maybe you might live through an earthquake.

I’m a school psychologist intern by day (and many, many nights).  I love creative writing, new ideas, crafting, self-help books, and playing.

Shawn likes to play and create strange things.  Yes, he loves Legos.

Xhaun loves trains, cars, (even traffic jams), and monster trucks.  He loves to sing, laugh (sometimes fake-laugh) and believes that a rhino has 2 horns. Beep, beep!