How to By-Pass Amazon Prime Day Website Glitches’s exciting that Amazon Prime Day has started.  But according to many users and,  those who are wanting to spend some money on Amazon are suffering from the website being down.  I attempted to look up deals through the site and to my dismay, TechCrunch article, is correct, lots of  glitches in which you will get a pic as shown below.

Prime dog

While it’s cute that every time you try to reload the page, a different dog pops up.  It’s not so cute when you need to catch those fleeting Amazon Prime deals.

But the good news is most likely this will get fixed.  And if you can’t, you can by=pass all the glitches by using  The plus side is you can quickly pick a global nonprofit organization to support with your shopping.  You can also choose a local organization to help as well.

Amazon Prime Day Smile

According to  it looks like they have supported charities with over $89 billion dollars!  When you are checking out, don’t forget that if you are not in a hurry to receive your items, you can save $1 on select digital items for your willingness to wait.

Amazon Prime Day $1

I just tried and when comparing it to the  basic site.  It definitely glitched less.

Another great site to check and see some hot deals is  A recent find for example include the 8 video Harry Potter movie collection for only $79.00.  That’s a $20 savings.

I hope you find your amazing prime deals.  Comment below if you found this worked for you as well.

This article may be updated through Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Fire Tablet Giveaway

First off, Happy 4th of July!  America rocks!!  Here’s your chance to own a brand spankin’ new Amazon Fire 7 tablet with Alexa (special offers).  I’m in love!  I love giftaways (as I call them)!  Yes, please!

amazon fire tablet giveaway

Specs are linked here in case you want to know more about this tablet.

Too bad I can’t enter my own contest because I actually don’t have a Fire tablet right now.  Although, I do want one pretty badly given that Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner.

Here are the easy rules to this Amazon Fire tablet giveaway:

  1. Please go to tofugami on facebook and write something just so I know you exist.  (How easy is that?) No, you need not like my page although if you love giveaways, you might want to remember it for later because I have some cool stuff I am dying to gift.  Please don’t comment on this blog, as I will state again, go to the tofugami facebook page if you want in on the fun.
  2. This contest is open ONLY to U.S. residences.  Sorry international folks.  I love you but at this time, I can only offer this contest to Americans. 18 years or older please.  Family members, unfortunately at this time, no one in my direct family household can enter this contest (sorry, Hubby).
  3. Please comment/ enter by Sunday, July 15th, 11:59PM pacific time.  Entries/ comments will be screened for appropriateness such as no foul language, extreme hate, etc.  I will make the call for disqualifying you.  Remember, this site is totally family friendly!
  4. Winner will be selected at random and contacted if possible on Monday, July 16 which surprisingly will also correlate with Amazon Prime Day.  How sweet is that?  Announcement will be made here and on the Facebook site as well.
  5. Note: Amazon, Facebook, WordPress, and other entities are not a part of this giveaway.
  6. The winner has 30 days to reply to me with his or her address. I will be sending this amazing and new Amazon fire tablet by USPS mail with tracking to you unless there’s some other agreement between you and I.   After 30 days, I am sorry but if I don’t hear back from the winner, then prize is forfeited.  So if you are the lucky winner, be sure to communicate back with me in a timely fashion.  😉

If you should be the lucky winner what’s the first thing you will be doing with your Amazon Fire tabletListen to Shake It OffDownload Cut the Rope?  Buy that 40 variety pack of Doritos?




Creepy? took a Picture of My House

Yesterday, I blogged about how I love Amazon Prime.  I can easily shop online and get what I need within 2-3 days.  When my package came in late, I was able to get an extension on my Prime membership.  Check out yesterday’s blog here.

Today, I wanted to keep on the same subject of Amazon because when I went to check online on progress of my delivery, I saw this:


In a way I wasn’t shocked.  When we first moved into our home, our maillady told us that she saw an open box with our information on it about two blocks down.  Hubby found it and brought the torn and empty box back.  Someone had stolen the goodies for my not yet born baby.  Oh, how I wished we had a camera set up so I could catch the person who would be so bold as to steal from someone who had not yet lived a day outside my womb.

Fast forward to now, we have security cameras set up.  And so has Amazon.  In a way, I appreciate how Amazon has taken steps to secure my package arrives safely with documented proof.  But I’m not sure if everyone would be excited about this.  Amazon is aware of this and as shown in the screenshot above, there is a “Don’t take delivery photos” opt out button.

According to an article on May 22, 2015, from, which is a UK site, people felt Amazon was invading their privacy.

20 days ago, someone posted on that he also received a photo delivery as proof.  Another Reddit user confirmed that the Amazon app for delivery was updated 3 weeks previously to include taking a pic.

Here is Amazon’s policy on it:

About AMZL Photo on Delivery

Amazon Logistics (AMZL) may take a photo on delivery when a package is left unattended. The photo will focus on the placement of the package. This is to help customers see that their package was safely delivered and where. If a photo on delivery is captured, it may show up when you track a package from Your Orders.

Accessing a delivery photo requires signing in with your user name and password on the Amazon website. Customer Service may look at delivery photos to troubleshoot what happened to a package if you contact us or report a problem with the photo. The photos may also be audited for quality purposes.

For orders shipped to an address marked confidential, such as a Wish List or Registry address, Amazon won’t post a delivery photo on the order in order to protect the privacy of the recipient.

Remember that baby package that was stolen from our house I spoke about earlier?  Amazing Amazon replaced all the items they could and the ones they could not were refunded.

What do you think?  Do you also think Amazon’s photo delivery proof is a sign of good business?