Awesome 10 Rubber Bands Pencil Shooter/ Gun

This Easter Sunday weekend make sure you stay safe hunting for Easter eggs by bringing along  this awesome and easy to make 10 rubber bands pencil shooter. You  never know when an Easter bunny or a giant Peep might attack.   I’ll show you how to make a single and a double shooter as well.  Pow-pow!!

pencil shooter

The DIY YouTube video is below.  Make each rubber band bullet count!

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If you need to buy some pencils, check out these bulk buys from Amazon.  I got mine from Dollar Tree. 16 pencils for only $1!  What a great buy.

According to, the pencil came into popular use with a large graphite deposit found in 1564 in England.  I have personally been using pencils since forever.  And when it comes to computer or pencil, I prefer the good old-fashioned tool to write with.  I’m very visual and I like to see projects that I can hold onto.


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Single Rubber Band Shooter

​You will need:

1 clothespin

1 pencil

3 rubber bands

1. Secure clothespin towards the eraser end of the pencil using 2 rubber bands.  When looping the rubber bands on, make sure to twist each time.

2. Open the mouth of the clothespin and secure 1 rubber band to the tip of the pencil.

3. Shoot!

Double Rubber Band Shooter

You will Need:

2 clothespins

1 pencil

3 rubber bands
1. Use 2 rubber bands to secure 2 clothespins on the pencil.  The clothespin should be opposite of each other on the pencil.

2. Attach rubber bands as bullet and shoot.  Remember to shoot the rubber band that you loaded last first.

10 plus Bonus Rubber Band Shooter/ Gun

You Need:

a bunch of pencils (29 plus 20)

a bunch of clothespin (10)

a bunch of rubber bands
1. Tie 27-29 pencils together using 2 rubber bands to secure.


2. Make 10 single shooters with 2 pencils as the base (versus 1 in the single shooter).


3. Use rubber bands to secure the single shooters onto the bunch of pencils. The rubber bands should be higher on the pencil bunch.  The pencil bunch is designed to be held when shooting off the clothespin.

4. Load your rubber band bullets and have fun shooting.

*If you watch the video above, you’ll know that the bonus was an added clothespin which resulted in 11 total bullets!
Remember, play nice and don’t shoot people or real animals.  Rubber bands hurt!
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Fold. Life. Beautiful.


DIY: Rubber Band Spider Bracelet


(This is an update of my DIY from

Happy Halloween!!  This would make a great accessary wear for your Halloween costume.

I don’t know about you but this rubber band bracelet is the only way I would get close to any spider. This Spider rubber band bracelet is so cool, it could literally make you start flinging web.

What I love is that while this bracelet uses Rainbow Loom rubber bands; you do not even need a loom/ hook or even clips. Make yourself stand out by wearing one of these. They are also perfect for Halloween and cosplay.


For my spider I choose the following colors:

Purple (head and body) You will need the most of this color.

Pink (eyes) Only need 2.

Black (body base and legs)

White (web)

If you like another color combo, get creative and go for it. I know that next time I build this one, I’d want to try out the glow in the dark ones.

*A quick note, I am sensitive to latex and Rainbow Loom rubber bands are latex free. Also these rubber bands do not break like the cheap ones you find in bulk for a few dollars less.

Building the Skeleton:

The body and the head needs to be built first. I coined the term, “skeleton” for when rubber bands are attached together, end to end by tying them to each other.

1. For the body you will need a bit more rubber bands in the skeleton than the head. I just start rolling one end of the skeleton into a ball and the every last rubber band, I used to loop 2 times around the whole thing to secure it. I did the same for the purple head.

2. These bases are not perfect and as you can see, there are always lumps and loops. Don’t worry about these. The loops actually are useful because you will need to find 2 of them to pull out, 1 in the head and 1 in the body, to attach to each other.

3. Add more purple to stabilize and contour the head and body.


Picture of Legs

Picture of Eyes

1. For the legs you will need to make 8 spider legs. Each leg create a small skeleton of 1 black tied to 1 white.

2. Loops the black pieces in alternating sides to the neck of the spider.

3. To create the thicker leg it’s time to “bead.” A bead is very easy to make. To bead grab a black rubber band and twist it several times around the black skeleton leg of the spider. I used 4 black rubber bands to create beads along each leg.

4. When all the legs are done, the spider will look almost right. You can fatten it up by adding more purple rubber bands throughout the head and body. Make sure when looping the bands to ensure that the legs are also included so that they will appear easy when spread out instead of in a cluster.

Note that in the last picture I use the loom only so I can show you spread out how the spider legs look. Again, no loom needed.



Picture of Eyes

1. Tie a skeleton of 3 purple rubber bands. Bead 2 pink onto the middle purple rubber band. Make sure to space the pink appropriately as eyes for your spider.

2. Secure the eyes by looping of the right and left of the middle rubber band to the top legs. Then loop the 2 other sides appropriately to the body.

3. Add more purple to the head and body to secure the eyes.

Yay, the spider is now complete and finishing the web is next.


Picture of Web

To make the web took a bit of figuring out. Thankfully long nails helped me in untying the mistakes I kept making as this bracelet was a learning process. The good news is I have figured out how many rubber bands you need to make a nice fitting web.

1. The web for under the head will be created first. Build 2 skeletons of 1 white with 1 purple. Use the purple to attach the white to the bottom side of the spider.

2. The top set of legs need another white each. There are a total of 3 whites to the second set of legs which was then tied with 1 white extra..

3. Next are the very bottom legs. They need 2 white rubber bands attached to each and then tied and spaced with 1 white. The attached white will need 1 white on each side.

4. Transition to the 3rd set of legs by making the web 2 whites long each. Each of the end white should meet with the end white of the 4th/ bottom legs and be tied together with another white rubber band. Add 2 more whites to each side and then tie them together in a double knot.

5. Secure the 2nd and 3rd legs together using a skeleton of 2 whites.

How to Wear:

This Spider Rubber Band Bracelet is easiest to wear by:

1. Place the spider on top of your hand, right side up.

2. Look for the double-knot loop and bring that bracelet piece under your wrist.

3. Look for the open single knot loop and bring that bracelet piece under your hand.

4. Place the 4 open white rubber bands appropriately on each finger. I like to do the ones that come under the eyes first.

As you can see, this bracelet can be worn left or right handed and even the spider can rest against your palm.

*For a better fit on the fingers, I think it would be best to use thin, white metal rings that are sized more appropriately for your fingers instead of the rubber bands. These Rainbow Loom bands can constrict the blood flow to your fingers if they are too tight. You can also switch the finger white webs with larger size rubber bands too.

Although it won’t look as cool, you can also opt to forgo the finger bands and tie the 2 webs pairs as loops with more white skeletons.  Just secure it between the fingers instead of on each one.





3 Things I Learned from Creating My First YouTube Video Upload in Over 2 Years

I’m a little embarrassed to say that this is my first YouTube video upload in over 2 years for tofugami.  Instead of doing a DIY video, I decided to try something  different.

Xhaun LOVES to watch the kids play channel and mystery unboxing.  So I decided to give it a shot.  It was fun considering I LOVE playing with toys.  As you can see it’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation themed so it’s posting a lot later than the original goal date of 2 weeks ago since the movie has been in theater for over a week now.

It’s a total learning experience.  I can say it’s not as easy as it looks creating good quality and fun videos.  I want to say thanks to Shawn for helping to edit this one.

So here are the 3 things I learned from creating my first YouTube video upload in over 2 years.

  1. Learn to use the equipment, especially the camera.  We just bought 2 Canon EOS Rebel SL2 cameras per the recommendation of Shawn’s research which indicated that these were solid cameras for YouTube videos.  Either one of us have gotten around to learning how to use the camera so as you can see, the video I took, there’s a lot of over-focusing on one area which results in blurred areas throughout the video.  I definitely need to go back and learn to use the camera.  Where is that manual?

I also bought a camera kit with one of the cameras.  I have not placed my fingerprints on these peices either.  I’m sure some of these tools will help me in stabilizing the view.

I also bought a c-stand.  It allows you to shoot with a view from the top.  I actually shot from the top and the front view on the view and if you had looked at some of the clips, it’s actually impressive.  The top camera doesn’t have the same blurry video quality.  I think it’s because it was high enough I actually need to zoom in to shoot it.

Below is a sample of the video from the top in which this video didn’t make the cut.

2.   Timing is everything.   I grossly overestimated the time it took to create a video.  I bought the Hotel Transylvania toys in advance.  I figured I could post it at least by the Wednesday before the movie opened in theater.  I was so wrong!  It took time to get the c-stand in, prep my area, and video editing was just not my gig.  YouTube discontinued their built-in video editing program awhile back which is too bad because it was so easy to use.

I have to tell myself, to allow for more timing for my next video.  (Which will be a fun DIY.)

In addition, if I am looking for engagement with my audience, I definitely missed that window of opportunity.  Again, if Hotel Transylvania 3 is opening on a Friday and I post my video 2 weeks late, chances are that it’s not going to get as many views.  The buzz time has ended.  Thankfully, I am not being bitter about it as I look at this from the perspective of what can I learn from it.

3. Have fun.  So easy right?  Creating a video is hard work but it has to also be fun.  While we can crop out things that go wrong like the video portion clip below in which I realized that the shrink plastic around the toys does right by homeland security strength.  Frustration can show in each clip and ultimately I had to off-screen, use a pair of scissors to snip incisions into each plastic.  Frustration can show in how we edit as well.

And the music choices too.  Since we are not familiar with making music yet (yes, something to tackle on my to-do list), we opted for YouTube’s audio library of music.  It’s limited but worked for the time being on this one.  Shawn and I did have a disagreement on the music though.  I wanted to be able to do a voiceover for the playtime, Shawn did not.  In the interest of time, I will try that another time.  Especially when it relates back to lesson 1 here as I have purchased a microphone system that’s hidden in the dark depths of my closet.

What do you guys think of this newly uploaded tofugami video?  What do you think we could have done differently?