Winner for Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet Announced

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing and our son, Xhaun helped picked out the winner to our first giveaway. (Please see video below).   Thank you to the over 40 people who entered.  Drum roll please…

And the winner is… Richard Hicks!  Congrats, Richard!  You have won a new and amazing Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet.  Please respond to my message within 30 days in order to claim your prize and send me your address.

If you didn’t win this round, no worries.  There are MORE giveaways to comes so keep an eye out.

Amazon Fire Tablet Giveaway

First off, Happy 4th of July!  America rocks!!  Here’s your chance to own a brand spankin’ new Amazon Fire 7 tablet with Alexa (special offers).  I’m in love!  I love giftaways (as I call them)!  Yes, please!

amazon fire tablet giveaway

Specs are linked here in case you want to know more about this tablet.

Too bad I can’t enter my own contest because I actually don’t have a Fire tablet right now.  Although, I do want one pretty badly given that Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner.

Here are the easy rules to this Amazon Fire tablet giveaway:

  1. Please go to tofugami on facebook and write something just so I know you exist.  (How easy is that?) No, you need not like my page although if you love giveaways, you might want to remember it for later because I have some cool stuff I am dying to gift.  Please don’t comment on this blog, as I will state again, go to the tofugami facebook page if you want in on the fun.
  2. This contest is open ONLY to U.S. residences.  Sorry international folks.  I love you but at this time, I can only offer this contest to Americans. 18 years or older please.  Family members, unfortunately at this time, no one in my direct family household can enter this contest (sorry, Hubby).
  3. Please comment/ enter by Sunday, July 15th, 11:59PM pacific time.  Entries/ comments will be screened for appropriateness such as no foul language, extreme hate, etc.  I will make the call for disqualifying you.  Remember, this site is totally family friendly!
  4. Winner will be selected at random and contacted if possible on Monday, July 16 which surprisingly will also correlate with Amazon Prime Day.  How sweet is that?  Announcement will be made here and on the Facebook site as well.
  5. Note: Amazon, Facebook, WordPress, and other entities are not a part of this giveaway.
  6. The winner has 30 days to reply to me with his or her address. I will be sending this amazing and new Amazon fire tablet by USPS mail with tracking to you unless there’s some other agreement between you and I.   After 30 days, I am sorry but if I don’t hear back from the winner, then prize is forfeited.  So if you are the lucky winner, be sure to communicate back with me in a timely fashion.  😉

If you should be the lucky winner what’s the first thing you will be doing with your Amazon Fire tabletListen to Shake It OffDownload Cut the Rope?  Buy that 40 variety pack of Doritos?




Freebie Alert: Chex Party Mix Seasoning

I was waltzing through Wal-Mart to buy supply for 2 upcoming projects and this is what I saw:

Nothing like a freebie. I took a free Chex Party Mix Seasoning. Yum!

If you want the recipe, please head over to to get a ton of variation recipes including this original recipe.  There’s a gluten -free chocolate mint mix.  I think the campfire one looks delicious.  Which Chex party mix will you serve up at your next party?

Easy Rice Sensory Bin

Move over fidget spinner.  It’s time for a quick DIY sensory bin that has passed the test of time.  It’s time for a quick and easy rice sensory bin.  I spent some time with hubby and my son making 30 bins, one for each classroom.  We used 50 lbs of rice which I bought from the Asian store.  I highly recommend that if you are doing class sets, get at least another 50 lb bag.

  1. Throw rice into a bin.  The bin will need a secure cover for when you are done playing.  I LOVE these cheap less than $2 bins I got from my local Walmart.


2. Add some optional color such as a beads.  Varying sizes will make great textures.  I got a large bin of these for a few days from the thrift store.


3. Play!  Xhaun is an expert at playing with a rice bin within seconds.



$20 Starbucks Gift Card for $10

sbThe school year has officially began so that also means a new open season of coffee drinking and meeting.  I just bought a $20 Starbucks gift card for half the cost at $10.

This extra goodness basically means an extra Caramel Frappuccino right before an IEP meeting or a surprise drink for someone else.  I usually like to pay for the drink of the person behind my car since it means I can provide  good karma and contribute to the idea that karma is not always a bitch.

I received an email and it linked said to go here: Starbucks link and be on your way to drinking a little more happiness.

You must have Visa checkout in order to get the deal.  If you are not already a member like I am, you should sign up because they offer a secure way to shop online without giving vendors your Visa card number.  There are also other nifty deals offered at different times throughout the year as well that’s just as good as this Starbuck’s coffee lover’s dream.