5 Tips to Save over $300 on Your Next Mattress Purchase



I just saved a bunch of money on a new mattress.

Mattress shopping can be a bit overwhelming like that first house you are hunting for.  You want the perfect one but second guess yourself every step of the way.  You either totally miss all the signs that the house needs work or you read every sign as a sign from the heavens that this home is a must buy.

Well, congrats because you are reading this and you are about to keep more money in your pocket.  Buying a mattress really isn’t as hard of a commitment as you thought.  As a previous furniture sells person, I’m about to tell you 5 tips that will help you sleep better with more money in your pocket the next time you buy a mattress.  The price is always negotiable.  Don’t listen to the sales person who is insisting that it’s not.  Like a house or a car, the pricing is always negotiable.  Now that you know that the price of a mattress isn’t set in stone, let’s look at the top 5 ways you can save on your better sleep. First you need to ask for the “out the door” price.  This is the final price with all the works that you want including delivery, removal of old mattress set, frame, fees, and tax all included.  Then work at on these 5 discounts:

  1. Ask for No Tax.  Yes, this can get you a nice savings.  And relax, Uncle Sam will still get his share because the tax will be recalculated into the total purchase.
  2. Ask for Free Delivery.  Sometimes this fee can be anywhere from $20 to $100.
  3. Ask for Free Removal or Pick Up of Old Mattress Set. If you have an old mattress, make sure it’s getting picked up because Goodwill no longer will take mattresses and the cost to take your mattress to the dump cost you a fee plus a lot of heavy lifting effort.
  4. Ask for a 10% Discount.  Really here you can just ask for a discount.  It’s better to name your percentage off.
  5. Ask for Free Pillows, Mattress Pads, or Frame.  Nothing like a freebie.  These things can add up and if you can get them free, then more savings to you.

Remember that you should always be reasonable and friendly when negotiating.  If things don’t work out to your budget, don’t be afraid to ask for a written quote on a business card.  You can always shop around and find that happy medium. With extra savings in your pocket, you’ll sleep better than a baby on your new mattress.