3 Super Easy Dollar Bill Origami: Jet Fighter, Tank, and Ninja Star

If you have some extra cash on hand because you got you stimulus check or your extra cash from unemployment, cash it in for some bills and be on your way to making these three cool DIY projects

These dollar bill origami are a quick fix to boredom and look much cooler than just an old Andrew Jackson or Abraham Lincoln staring back at you.

Check out the steps here:


Which origami is your favorite? Did you check out the blooper in the end? 😆

Keto Chicken Veggie Burger

The other day I orchestrated a Pad Thai dish to go with the lumpia we had ordered for a family get-together. (It was good but I’ll share that recipe once I perfect it.) I had so much chicken left, I decided to use the leftovers for these chicken veggie burger patties. They came out moist and so delicious, I am never going to buy overly processed chicken burgers again!

Keto Chicken Veggie Burger Recipe


-3 chicken breasts

-1 to 2 celery stalks

-1/4 medium onion

-1/4 to 1/2 of a carrot

-5-7 cilantro pieces

-sprinkle of sea salt for taste

-2-5 dashes of Tapatio for heat

-butter or oil

*I used a food processor in this recipe. If you don’t have one you can buy ground chicken and mince the veggies using a knife.

1. In food processor ground chicken breasts. Set aside in large bowl.

2. Ground veggies in food processor. Add to chicken in bowl.

3. Add to bowl sea salt and Tapatio.

4. Hand mix all ingredients.

5. Heat pan on medium high heat. Add small slab of butter to oil pan.

6. Using hands, form chicken burger patties to desired size.

7. Cook patties on pan until 1 side fully cooked. Transfer chicken patties to a plate. Add another butter slab to pan. Flip patties and cook other side on pan.

I added a little salsa to my bunless chicken patties. The potatoes are not keto so if you’re on keto diet, substitute with a different veggie dish or a salad.

For different flavor profiles, you try different meats such as ground turkey or beef. You can also use different vegetables.

My First Blog Post. Yay!

Honestly, I paid $99 for this blog.  And now I need those digtial zeroes and ones to bring it back to me.

If you want a little DIY, a little Yang (that’s me), and a bit more of changes (folds) in your life so that there’s a bit of beauty to it all, then grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and join me.  You know you want to because I’m the coolest dudette on the internet block.