Alien Face Hugger Mask 100% Rubber Band DIY

This is an alien face hugger inspired by the Alien movie. It is made of 100% rubber band. If you enjoy this project, please check out this spider bracelet.

If you would like to see the video version of this DIY, click here for the YouTube link. I have also embedded it below for easy reference.


This was a challenge presented by my husband who said I could make one out of rubber bands. he said I could, so I did.

Materials: I used Advantage rubber bands: 3 bags of the #32 (3″x1/8″, size regular) and 1 bag of #64 (3″x1/4″, size large).

The main part of the skeleton consists of the body. To create the body you will need to make a skeleton. A skeleton is a bunch of rubber bands tied together as a string.

Create a skeleton by tying 80 rubber bands together. Create 2 more skeletons of 25 rubber bands each.

For the body, bunch and secure the 80 long skeleton with single bands.

Then roll each of the 25 long skeletons into a flat ball. Secure with single bands.

Attach and secure balls to the body. Use skeletons and single bands as needed.

Create a 7 long skeleton for each of the 8 legs. Each level is 8 rubber bands thick.

Make a skeleton for the tail. Start with 8 bands thick. Decrease thickness of tail down to 6,4, 2, then 1. I used about 3-6 levels of each thickness down to the single band.

Attach tail to the body with additional bands.

Secure legs on each side of the body. Use additional single and skeleton bands as needed. You can also use the larger, thicker bands.

Use large bands to extend the legs as needed to ensure proper fit for your head. I doubled the level of thickness for durability.

Tie the matching pair of legs together in a double-knot.

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